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First: To upload your image, Please copy the following statement, click on the link below, and paste the statement in the Email with your name.
(Don't know how to cut and paste text? It's simple. Just hold the mouse curser at the begining if the sentence, Left click, move the curser over the sentence so the sentence is highlighted. Go up to EDIT, select  "copy". Then put the curser into your email body, go back to EDIT ans select "paste" and that's it! )


I certify that I own the exclusive rights to this image & give permission to reproduce this image to JustRidgebacks.

Now:  Click HERE to email me .... attach your Image & add the Statement to the Email. If you want text added, please tell me where and what in the email. Please include your phone number just in case I need to contact you if you aren't accessible by email.  (Images should be 1025 x 768 pixels and between 150 and 300 pixels for throws. For Totes images should be 502 X 502 ideally. About a 4 X 5 image.)

Then: Buy your throw below. PayPals will send me your order and I can place it for you.

Buying now and sending my photo for a THROW:
$85 (includes shipping) US only!
Buying now and sending my photo for a TOTE:
$65 (includes shipping) US only!

In about 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how you order, you'll be receiving your new, 100% cotton heirloom.

If you do not receive your Photo Weave product after 4 to 6 weeks, please contact us, and we'll find out why and contact you. If you mail in your order, please know that this will take longer than sending me your digital photo.

All Picture Weave products are 100% cotton, and highly durable. The colors won't fade like printed materials, but we do suggest that you machine wash on gentle or hand wash, and tumble dry on low. You can expect a lifetime of beauty and vibrant colors from your Picture Weave heirloom.

If you have any further questions, please  E-mail  me. These prices are for USA ONLY! All others need to email me ahead of time for instructions and chargers..
Please note: There are No Returns On Custom Products

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