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Logo Mania!

Ever wanted a kennel logo that was fun and colorful?
I can help with that! I'm offering to let everyone share the "Performance RRs" graphics to make something fun and colorful to wear and enjoy. This was such a hit at the RR Specialty in Ga that I decided to extend the offer.For $25, you can get an colorful logo, using one of my performance series designs, and use your own kennel prefix name. You will get  a CD to make iron on designs, to use on kennel cards or letterheads, websites, etc.
Here are some examples of the possibilities:





Here are some of the creative examples people chose for themselves at the show:

 Some people chose their state as a background, others a colorful orb, some picked a favorite font and others chose a more exotic font. They had lots of fun with the sitting dogs and chose to arrange them in various positions.Some wanted simple, some exotic, but they all looked great on tees, mugs, mousepads and checkbooks. Think of your favorite "performance dog" graphic, your favorite colors and fonts, suggest a background and I'll see what I can do with it. Or give me "free rein" and let me think of something! ( Graphics are limited to the programs  on my computer.)
Confused? Read the FAQ page for the cost and what you can get with your logo.

Email me if you want a logo! Be sure and put "LOGO MANIA" in the subject line. Payment will be in advance, either through PayPals or by check before I begin work on it.