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Create Your Custom Photo Tote
$75.00 Includes shipping in the US!
Image to final product

These 100 % cotton tapestry totes are woven with a variety of cotton threads to display true art in a fabulous quality tote. The picture is on BOTH sides of the tote.  Size is 17" x 17". Each tote is fully lined with canvas straps.

Step 1 Pick Your Photo

You can use any photo you'd like - but remember that the better the photo, the better the final Picture Weave product. We have a few suggestions, listed below:

SIZE: Any photo will work. We prefer photos larger than 5x7 with a sharp focus on the subject. This will yield the best results.

For digital photographs, please make sure that they were taken by a 1 megapixel or better camera. The pixel size should be 502  X 502 (or 1025 X 768 if you want the same as a photo throw.). The dpi should be about 200 dpi and not over 300 dpi.

CONTRAST: A high contrast photo works the best. A dark dog on a dark couch in a dimly lit room will not yield the best results.
Conversely, a white dog in the snow will not work well, either.

If your main subject is brightly lit and the background is somewhat dark, the results will be brilliant! Please avoid dark shadows on the face or subject.

FOCUS: Make sure your subject is sharp. The better the focus, the better the final piece will be.

COLOR: We can use black and white or color.

COMPOSITION: Keep it simple. Make sure that your subject occupies 60-80% of the photo. This is not an absolute necessity,
but it will make for a better finished piece.

Creative cropping of your photo
will result in a better composition, and ultimately, a better finished piece. If you would like us to crop your photo to best show of the subject matter, please indicate so in the comments box when you place your order.

OWNERSHIP: You must be the sole owner of the photo!

Please Read Fully before clicking. Please note: There are No Returns On Custom Products

2 Ways to order:
1. You can purchase your item and we will send you a form to fill out. Fill it out in it's entirety and place it with your photo or disk
in the provided envelope. All this information will be on the order ship plus instructions.. Please be sure to sign the waiver certifying that you own the exclusive rights to your photograph. Your Photo will be returned with your order.


2.You can use this Site to upload your image If you want to upload your photo using this site, please make sure that they were
taken by a 1 megapixel or better camera.  Ready your image for best results following our instructions on this page, (read above)
or make sure to indicate you want it cropped for best results. If you want text added to your item, we can do that too. Please indicate where and what you want printed in the email and we will contact you if we have any questions. Please include your daytime phone number if you prefer.

***Clicking on the link below will bring up a page that will have another  link to our email. Click on it, send me an email, state in that email that you own exclusive rights to that image,(some photographers own rights to all images they take) , THEN you can attach your image and send it to me. Do NOT forget to indicate you own the rights to the image in the email. Orders without that indicated cannot be processed ! ***


In about 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how you order, you'll be receiving your new, 100% cotton tote. Totes must be woven, then assembled, so please be patient.

If you do not receive your Photo Weave product after 4 to 6 weeks, please contact us, and we'll find out why and contact you. If you mail in your order, please know that this will take longer than sending me your digital photo.

All Picture Weave products are 100% cotton, and highly durable. The colors won't fade like printed materials, but we do suggest that you machine wash on gentle or hand wash, and tumble dry on low. You can expect a lifetime of beauty and vibrant colors from your Picture Weave heirloom.

If you have any further questions, please  E-mail  me. These prices are for USA ONLY! All others need to email me ahead of time for instructions and chargers..
Please note: There are No Returns On Custom Products

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