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Educational CD-ROMs
 ALL the CD ROMs require you have MicroSoft Power Point Reader to open them.
If you don't have PP, you can get the PowerPoint reader free at Microsoft Downloads
If you have a problem with PayPals, you can always email me. For shipping purposes, multiple CDs will be shipped in a CD paper sleeve.
The ABCs of Breeding

Ridgeback Genetics Explained

This presentation of basic dog genetics was developed by the Basset Hound Club and offered to others to adapt for their breed. It covers a range of the most basic genetic principles, explaining myths, theories, defining heritability of certain factors, explaining line breeding, inbreeding,open pedigrees, COIs and so much more! Great for club programs, too! I have adapted this to the Rhodesian Ridgeback,complete with  my RR drawings to make it more enjoyable for all RR fanciers! 

Now available for FREE viewing on my Kalahari RR website.

FCI Breeder Judge: Filiberto Arniella ( Azania RRs):
 "..this is the best contribution to the breed since Tom Hawley! first impression is that it truly is a work of art. You certainly stress the right points and I do agree with all of them."
The Rhodesian Ridgeback from A to Z - NEW!

Designed for those learning about the breed and dogs in general. Includes sections on anatomy, terminology, RR type components, Ridgeback colors - both normal and unusual, lots of drawings, animations and even some pop quizzes. Has everything and more than the Guide to Judging has, but is aimed at breeders of the RR.
A bargain at $10!

Includes shipping in the US and Canada..

Global priority for other countries, total is
$15 US

Guide to Judging the Rhodesian Ridgeback by Sandra Fikes

Aimed at a world wide audience, this CD is a great learning tool for aspiring RR judges, who are already grounded in basic anatomy and terminology.. Already getting great reviews! Comes labeled and in it's own case.

Only $11 per CD
- includes shipping, US & world wide!