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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What all does this entail? I make you a fun logo with either your kennel name or your dog’s name(s) and I burn it on a CD for you. The cost is $25  plus shipping and handling i
2. Can I have part of a logo I already have put in the new graphic? Like lettering or a drawing? No, it’s too difficult to add someone’s lettering – usually black- and try to make it fit in one of my colorful graphics. If you know your font and if I have it in one of the two programs I have, then I can work it in. This isn’t to replace an existing logo. It’s meant to be something that is colorful and fun.
3. What can I do with the CD logo? You could make colorful notecards with your card program, you could make Tee shirt iron on transfers, you could use it to make letterheads or add it to your webpage – It’s up to you!
4. I don’t have a kennel prefix. Can I get something with my dog’s name on it instead? Sure! We did several “logo” type tees and mugs for people with just their dog’s first names on it – so cute!

 You can send a check or send money via PayPals.

Email me if you want a logo! Be sure and put "LOGO MANIA" in the subject line. Payment will be in advance, either through PayPals or by check.