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Unusual  Models
Model # 94 (1965) Belgium - Matte finish, chestnut/sorrel, flaxen mane and tail. Stockings, bald face, gray hooves, red on yellow tail ribbon.

Excellent condition, one minor body rub, tiny rub on ear tip.

Asking $40 plus priority shipping.

Model #121 (1961-70) Running Mare - Matte finish, smoke color, white points, bald face, gray hooves.

Excellent condition, 1 minor ear tip rub.

Asking $80 plus priority shipping.

Model #21 ( 1960 ) Shetland Pony - Glossy, black pinto, white mane,  black tail with white tip, bald face, light hooves.

Excellent condition

Asking $25 plus priority shipping.

Model #52 ( 1963) Five Gaiter - Dark bay, black mane and tail, bald face, stockings are cream as is body undertones. Red/white braid, matte finish. Haven't seen this horse color even in books.

Good condition, 2 minor body rubs, slight damage to the end of the tail.

Asking $55 plus priority shipping.

Model #88 ( 1961-70) Mustang - Glossy finish, charcoal with white mail and tail, stockings, bald face. A rarer kind of horse.

Excellent condition

Asking $ 200 plus priority shipping.

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